Jaguar🚘 Trademarks the J-Type📛 Badge

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It looks like Jaguar is on an expansion spree of its product line-up. After registering the C-Pace badge, which is most likely to come up as a Coupe-SUV, the J-Type has got all the alarm bells ringing. And that is because it brings in a host of possibilities with the J.

First-up, it is very clear that Jaguar uses the ‘Type’ only for sportscars viz. the D-Type racecar, the beautiful E-type and the current damsel, the F-type. So, it is going to be a sportscar for sure. So, it can either be a front engine or a mid-engine scorcher. The F-type, in the beginning, was designed to be a mid-engine supercar, but Jaguar switched to the front-engine-RWD setup. So, the C-X75 Concept drives back in to the fore. Mind-you, it still looks as good as ever and a modern adaptation of it would certainly have jaws dropping everywhere it goes.

Another perspective that might shed more light on this mystery is the return of the XK. But again, having two similar front-engine rear-wheel drive coupes in the line-up is something that would work for Porsche or Aston Martin, not Jaguar. So, in case it is a two-seater, two-door coupe/convertible, the chances of it turning out to be a mid-engine sportster are quite high.

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