Military evicts Mnangagwa's elderly cleric at gunpoint

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ZIMBABWE'S military, enforcing a government order, has forcibly evicted President Emmerson Mnangagwa's elderly cleric neighbour - at gunpoint - from a well-developed and equipped 250-hectare farm on the outskirts of Kwekwe in the Midlands region, the Zimbabwe Independent reported.

Mnangagwa, who rose to power through a military coup which toppled former president Robert Mugabe last November, owns the vast Precabe Farm in Sherwood, Kwekwe, which borders with 82-year-old Reverend Isaac Tititi Moyo's Victory Farm.

Brandishing an offer letter signed by Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement minister Perrence Shiri - a former air force commander - a platoon consisting of about 30 soldiers last Saturday besieged the farm, also known as Delvillewood, armed with assault rifles in armoured trucks with concealed number plates.

The platoon commander, a lieutenant, ordered his troops to occupy strategic positions around the property, before advancing and disrupting farm operations during the military-style takeover. The soldiers then gave Moyo, who leads the Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide Revelation, four days to vacate the property, although Shiri had instructed that he should leave the farm within 90 days.

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