Mystery Shrouds Fate of Translocated 🦏Rhinos, 7⃣ Reportedly Dead😯

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The health status of Caroline, an eight-year-old black rhino, that was sedated with a dart from a helicopter on June 26, blindfolded with a turquoise-coloured cloth ready for the seven-hour trip to her new home, remains unknown. Caroline was among 14 rhinos that secured a new home in Tsavo East rhino sanctuary. Eight were from the Nairobi National Park while six were from Lake Nakuru National Park.

A source said, on condition of anonymity, that seven of the rhinos have died. However, KWS acting director general Julius Kimani said that he does not have such information. “Get it from me, there is nothing like that,” he said The relocation was to start in 2016 but drought prevented movement to the parched Tsavo. Thanks to the rain, however, there’s now plenty of food for Caroline and her friends.

Tourism and Wildlife CS Najib Balala launched the translocation at the ivory burning site inside Nairobi National Park. Director of public communications at Ministry of Tourism Mulei Muia said he was not aware of the deaths. Today there are 800 black rhinos and 500 white rhinos,CS Balala said.

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