Officers’ 😱Horror as 🔎Audit Includes Lie Detector🗣🎤 Test

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A multi-agency team that reports directly to President Uhuru Kenyatta has adopted a secretive strategy in the ongoing lifestyle audit. Some of the close to 1,000 public officers under investigation targeting those suspended nearly two months ago tell of a covert operation, from how one is picked up till they are delivered to highly secure residences, where the panel of interrogators operate from.

Those who have endured the grilling say an individual is called and asked to report to a specific place armed only with his/her national identity card. There does not appear to be a specific schedule for calling, as the summons are seemingly made at random. After arriving at the designated place, the individual is directed to a waiting car, which then takes them to a private residence for grilling.

The team is operating from several highly secured houses in different posh estates. The houses do not appear to be inhabited but are very well-maintained. At the residence, the individual meets a panel that introduces itself before sitting to commence the interrogation.

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