Pedrosa😪 Admits Injuries🤕 Sped Up😞 Retirement

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Dani Pedrosa admits he would have liked to have a tougher physical constitution to avoid so many injuries during his MotoGP career.

The 31-time grand prix winner announced his retirement from the sport on Thursday, following a world championship career that started in the 2001 season in the 125cc category.

Pedrosa's MotoGP spell, however, has been plagued by physical problems throughout the years, the Spaniard missing 10 races due to injury since making his debut in the top category in 2006.

"I would have probably liked to have a more robust body," said Pedrosa on Thursday when reflecting on his career.

"Something that could withstand impacts better to be able to suffer fewer injuries in many situations where I had problems."

The 32-year-old admitted that having so many injuries had accelerated the process of ending his career.

"One way or another, I'm sure injuries speed up the process to reach this point," he said.

"Previously, sportsmen finished their careers much earlier than now. That's very good, but the injuries that I had sped up the process."

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