Police 👮, Zwelihle Protesters ✊🏼 Locked in Stand-off

  |   Sanews

Police officers and protesters in Zwelihle, in Hermanus, are once again locked in a stand-off. Hundreds of residents have been protesting this week, calling for the release of a community activist.

The man was arrested earlier this week for incitement and malicious damage to property. The Hermanus swimming pool has been torched, as well as a section of the Walker Bay recycling facility.

Officers have been firing rubber bullets, using tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the large group.

Hermanus resident Marthunis Barnard said: “A group of protesters has gathered on a koppie next to the pool of Zwelihle. They also tried to march to the R43 but police have pushed them back into Zwelihle and they are currently in a stand-off with them.”

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