Sanjay Dutt RUBBISHES🤭 Ranbir Kapoor’s Claim That His Count of Girlfriends👭👭 Is Less Than Ten &Opens Up about 'Sanju'🎭 Being a Propaganda Film

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Audiences were in for a shock when 'Sanju' the film totalled the number girlfriends in Sanjay Dutt's life and gave us the massive number 308!! At the trailer launch of Sanju when Ranbir Kapoor was asked about his own list, he projected a humble number: “Well, my girlfriend count is less than ten.” But Sanjay is having none of it. “I bet his count must be more than 10,” said the Bhoomi actor who says he knows Ranbir a little too well to believe that! We can only take Dutt's word for it...

In a recent interview, Dutt was also showering praises on Ranbir: “Ranbir was much much better than the real Sanju. He is really come across so well that I couldn’t find any flaws.”

Despite smashing box office records, several critics and fans opine that Sanju is a one-sided film, even calling it a propaganda film to clean the image of Sanjay among the masses. Here's what the actor has to say about this: “I just want to say that Munna Bhai was already made, that avatar was already out. I don’t think anyone would spend Rs 30-40 crore to change his image. That is too much of an amount. I have told the truth and the truth has been accepted by India, and the box office collection shows that.”

When asked Sanjay that if it’s the real Dutt, that Ranbir has presented on the silver screen, he replied, “‘Why do you think so many people love me?’ There is nothing dark about me. Growing up the way I did – it was no different than a usual teenager or youngster. There was nothing special about being Mr Sunil Dutt’s son. I made mistakes – a little more. I even went to jail for it which I don’t regret.”

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