Tharoor stands by 'Hindu Pakistan' remark

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Both the BJP and the Congress on Thursday were involved in a heated verbal duel over Shashi Tharoor's "Hindu Pakistan" comment. While, the Congress leader reiterated that BJP/RSS idea of a Hindu Rashtra is a "mirror image" of Pakistan, the saffron party demanded an apology from Rahul Gandhi. "I have said this before and I will say it again," Tharoor wrote in a post online and added that he doesn't want India to turn into a state where rights of minorities are suppressed, like they are in Pakistan.

"I don't see what exactly I need to apologise for BJP's point of view. If they are no longer interested in the idea of Hindu Rashtra they must admit. Until they do so, how can one apologise for reflecting their point accurately," Tharoor further added while speaking to the media.

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