Thorn🗣: 'I Don't Want❌ Cocaine Around🤔 This Team'

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Brad Thorn's has revealed his tough stance on drugs was shaped by their impact on his wider family.

Thorn's brother-in-law battled substance abuse years ago, and while he emerged unscathed, the experience was an eye-opener.

The former All Black now coaches the Queensland Reds, who have had James Slipper suspended for the use of cocaine and Karmichael Hunt suspended for possession of Xanax during the current Super Rugby season. Hunt was previously suspended in 2015 after pleading guilty to cocaine possession.

Both players are now on the outer with Thorn, who told Rugby .com that cocaine was "a serious issue".

"I know that probably these days people are saying it's more prevalent but once again, it's the Queensland Reds – this is part of the Queensland Rugby Union.

"I don't want [cocaine[ to be around this team, this club or the kids around this club.

"I'm a dad – I've got four kids and on my wife's side one of her siblings had some issues with drugs and it's a tough thing.

"I know they call them party drugs and stuff now but you can call them whatever you want – they cause issues in people's lives."

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