Tory MPs revolt against Theresa May's Brexit plan

TORY MPs were in open revolt last night after full details of Theresa May's plans for Britain's post-Brexit links with the EU were revealed. A 98-page Whitehall policy paper set out proposals for an "association agreement" between the UK and the bloc that will leave a swathe of Brussels regulations in place. EU citizens will continue to enjoy visa-free rights to come to the UK under the plan.

And EU judges are to continue to play a role in resolving the dispute between the UK and the bloc. Senior Tory backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg led condemnation of the plans last night. "It is not be something I would vote for nor is it what the British people voted for," the chairman of the 60-strong European Research Group of Tory MPs said.

"Taken as a whole, this recreates many of the worst aspects of the EU the British people voted to leave. This does not respect the referendum result." He added: "This paper sets out that the UK will be subject to EU laws while having no say in their creation."

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