UN Security Council Imposes 👉 Arms Embargo on South Sudan🇸🇩

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The United Nations Security Council has imposed an arms embargo on South Sudan, almost five years after a ruinous civil war in the country started.

A United States-drafted resolution won the minimum nine votes needed, while six member states abstained, wary of voting for the measure amid regional attempts to revitalise the South Sudan peace process.

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said the adoption of the resolution was necessary "to stop the violence, we need to stop the flow of weapons that armed groups are using to fight each other and to terrorise the people".

But South Sudan's UN Ambassador Akuei Bona Malwal told the council the resolution would "undermine peace" and was "a slap in the face of those organisations who are trying to bring peace in South Sudan".

Ethiopia's UN Ambassador Tekeda Alemu told the council before the vote that imposing the arms embargo would undermine the peace process and that the African Union and East African regional bloc IGAD believe "now is not the appropriate time for taking such measures."

China's UN Ambassador, Ma Zhaoxu, meanwhile said the council should have listened to African leaders on the issue.

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