ANC 'Deeply Concerned' 😱 About Being Taken to Court ⚖ by Own Members

  |   Sanews

Newly appointed chairperson of the Gauteng African National Congress (ANC) David Makhura says the party is deeply concerned about being taken to court by its own members, given the significant financial costs involved.

Disgruntled party members approached the High Court in Johannesburg last week, seeking to interdict the conference but their application was dismissed.

Makhura says often members who take the ANC to court are found to have not had their legal costs covered.

He says when the ANC tells members not to go to court, it’s because those issues have already been dealt with extensively by the party.

“When we go to these members after the court cases, some of them are saying to us they were misled.”

On the issue of e-tolls, Makhura says ANC is now on the campaign trail to end the dispute.

“We as an organisation are going to mobilise to make sure that matter is dealt with, so if can they march to me, you must know.”

He says a large emphasis will be placed on dealing with social ills, inequality and corruption which still plague the province.

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