Anti-national content: MS University of Vadodara cancels comedian Kunal Kamra’s show

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MS University of Vadodara has cancelled stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra’s show, which was scheduled for August 11 at CC Mehta Auditorium within the campus, after the Vice-Chancellor received a letter from 11 ex-students calling his content “anti-national”.

Rakesh Modi, Coordinator of the CC Mehta Auditorium, told The Indian Express, “We informed Kamra verbally on Saturday night about the cancellation of his show. We were informed about his content being anti-national and controversial, so we went ahead with this decision.”

The alumni's letter read"What message do we want to convey by organising such antinational flagbearer youth comedians’ comedy show in Gujarat’s most prestigious university campus?” It adds, “I am not writing the name of the comedian as he doesn’t even deserve the popularity by our mention in this mail. He has mimicked on National Anthem, he has openly supported Tukde-Tukde Gang, he is opposed by all the nation-loving universities in the nation, then why are we allowing him to enter our sacred alma mater??? We seriously suspect some ideological conspiracy to pollute the minds of Barodian youth ahead of 2019.”

While the university claimed to have informed Kamra Saturday about the cancellation of his show, Kamra responded to the issue oline: “Ever been so cool that you find out from the news that you’re not going to be working on a particular day? Celebrating my day off in the future on my day off today….”

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