Apple said to be investigating growing iTunes credit card fraud in Singapore

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A pair of reports today explain that Apple customers across in Singapore are noticing a high number of fraudulent credit card charges being made via iTunes. Apple has said it is investigating the complaints, but specifics remain unclear The report explains that “dozens” of Apple customers have recently experienced fraudulent charges on their iTunes account. Two people said that they had at least $5,000 (S$7,000) drained from their bank accounts through iTunes purchases.

It said: Two people told Channel NewsAsia that they lost at least S$7,000 each to iTunes purchases with one saying she was billed on her HSBC credit card. She added that she only realised something was amiss when she received a text message from HSBC that she had less than 30 per cent of her credit limit left. She realised the extent of the issue after speaking to a customer service operator.

The affected customers have been banking with several of the popular banks in Singapore, including UOB, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation or DBS. OCBC explained in a statement that it began noticing unusual transactions on 58 cards, all of which turned out to be fraudulent transactions through iTunes. Furthermore, UOB explained that it has increased monitoring of all iTunes spending over recent weeks due the increase in fraudulent activity.

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