BJP is led by ‘Talibani Hindus’, will not cross 150 in Lok Sabha: Mamata

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A day after the Opposition’s motion of no-confidence was defeated in the Lok Sabha, Mamata Banerjee claimed the government had no numbers outside Parliament, and that the BJP would be ousted from power next year. She announced a mega “federal front” rally in Kolkata on January 19, to which all opposition leaders would be invited. Within hours, the BJP announced a counter rally at the same venue on January 23, to be addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mamata blamed the hatred that the BJP was allegedly promoting for the spate of lynchings in the country over the past few months. She described the leadership of the BJP as “Talibani Hindus”, and attacked Modi directly, saying he had the “blood of riots on his hands”, and thought of himself as “a bigger dictator than Hitler and Mussolini”.

“Yesterday, the BJP managed to defeat the no-confidence motion by 325 votes to 126. They got the numbers inside the House, but those were 2014 numbers. In 2019, they will be ousted,” Mamata told her party’s annual Martyrs’ Day rally. “They got the AIADMK’s support, but had Jayalalithaa been alive, the BJP would never have got those votes. They lost their oldest ally, Shiv Sena. The BJP is fast losing numbers and allies. They won the no-confidence motion with help from some acquaintances (porichito).”

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