🌇Chennai🔊: 22-Yr-Old Faces ‘👮Police Brutality’ for Refusing Bribe

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In an alleged case of police brutality in Chennai, a 22-year-old was beaten up by a sub-inspector for not paying a bribe when caught without driving license. The victim, Muhammad Haroon Sait, went online to narrate his ordeal with the local police on his way back home in the late hours of July 19. Sait alleged that he was manhandled by sub-inspector M H Ilayaraja, who slapped and hit him with a stick repeatedly, as five other constables stood and watched without intervening.

The accused police officer has been suspended and a deputy commissioner rank officer-in-charge of Kilpauk area has been appointed for departmental inquiry and further action into the matter.

Sait, in his post, accused Ilayaraja of demanding a bribe from two of his friends and also thrashing him up ruthlessly. His friends conceded to pay the amount as they could not produce their driving license in the said routine checking on the Spurtank road. However, he was roughed up for refusing to pay the same. Sait claimed that he had the photocopy of the driving license and not the original document. “The sub-inspector insisted on me producing the original copy, by which he was indirectly harassing me and compelling me to pay a bribe like my friends did,” he said in his post.

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