Girl on ⚠Risky Ride Lights Up Social Media

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On Friday, taken somewhere at the edge of Kamotony Forest in Kapsowar, Elgeyo Marakwet, this photo lit up the social media for its humorous innocence and tinge of horror put together. Faith Jepchirchir, 13, had accompanied her grandmother, Lilian Kobilo, 75, to the forest four kilometres away from their home to fetch firewood. Kobilo has been raising Jepchirchir and her two siblings, since their mother left sometime back. Her only source of income is the proceeds from selling firewood.

The teenager was captured perched precariously atop a pile of the firewood, on a motorbike. A Good Samaritan had apparently offered to help her and the grandmother ferry the load home.

When she saw the images herself, Jepchirchir covered her mouth in surprise. She said she did not think her bizarre motorcycle ride was a big deal. All she could think about was that the rider saved her from walking four kilometres barefoot and with a load of firewood on her back. For Kobilo, news that pictures of her granddaughter and the firewood had been seen generated panic at first.

“I thought of running away. I thought police were coming to arrest me and my granddaughter,” said the widow. When she grows up, Jepchirchir would like to be a doctor. And when she gets there, she says, part of her first salary will go to buying shoes, 100 pairs, which she will share with children so they do not walk barefoot. “I don’t want people to suffer sore feet in future like I am right now,” she said

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