“It Is High Time He Got Married”🤵🏻🔉 Rishi Kapoor on Ranbir Kapoor

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If there’s one thing that Rishi Kapoor is known for other than his spectacular acting is his unabashed tweets and the way he speaks his mind. He is just as open with his compliments as he is with some of his other opinions as well. Recently, after seeing Ranbir Kapoor‘s spectacular performance in Sanju, the senior actor had taken to Twitter to express how proud he was of his son. This time he had things to say about Ranbir’s personal life and once again what’s on his mind is what’s on his lips.

"It is high time he got married. I settled down when I was 27, Ranbir is 35. So he should think about marriage. He can marry anyone of his choice; we don’t have any objection to it. I want to spend time with my grandchildren before I am gone."

Spoken like every protective Indian father ever, don’t you think? That grandchildren card, tho!

But he also said that he understands the nature of the industry he’s part of.

"Be it Ranbir or his contemporaries, actors have blinkers on and are focused on their work. The only women they meet are the actresses. They don’t socialise as much; that is the flipside of life in the movies."

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