Hull FC 👔Coach Lee Radford👀 Takes Blame for 72-10 👊Hammering at Wakefield

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Hull FC coach Lee Radford apologised to his club's fans after taking full responsibility for their 72-10 defeat at Wakefield.

Radford admitted he gambled on the fitness of Marc Sneyd, Jamie Shaul, Fetuli Talanoa and Joe Westerman and the risk backfired in spectacular fashion as they crashed to their heaviest-ever Super League defeat.

"What could have gone wrong went wrong," said Radford. "We got the opposite of what we asked for and I take full responsibility for that defeat.

"We rolled the dice with four, perhaps five players, in terms of fitness and clearly you could see they were not quite ready to come back and compete at that level.

"I felt we had nothing to lose, our season was on the line.

"I'm disappointed with myself. I apologise wholeheartedly to the fans and promise that we will work hard on putting some pride back in the badge on Friday night [against Hull KR].

"Rest assured I will be working hard and my staff will be working as hard as we can to right some wrongs from today."

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