ICYMI: SARS men torture musician for allegedly being yahoo boy

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An artiste, Richie Sunday, aka Dollamachine, has accused some SARS operatives of unlawfully arresting and torturing him. Sunday said he was arrested around 12 pm on Thursday, July 19, 2018, in the Iyana-Oworo area of Lagos State. He added that the policemen said he was a yahoo boy (Internet fraudster).

The 26-year-old was on his way to a supermarket to buy some drinks before the SARS operatives accosted him, telling him to enter a commercial bus. The musician also said when he requested for the identity of the officer that initially stopped him, he and other members of his team allegedly pounced on him using the butts of their guns and sticks to beat him up, injuring him in the process. They refused to identify themselves.

“At first, I was taken to the Iyana-Oworo Police Station, but later, they took me to Charlie Boy Police Station. I did not write any statement, but they wrote a statement for me which I refused to sign. They accused me of being a yahoo boy and took my mobile phone; but in the process of checking my phone, they checked my profile and got to know that I was a musician. They did not find any incriminating item on my phone, but they had already beaten me black and blue. All I got was, ‘sorry, it will not happen again.’ I was held up for about four hours before they set me free.”

The Akwa-Ibom indigene, who said he was still nursing the injuries he sustained from the encounter, added that he was traumatised and had been deprived his fundamental right as a Nigerian citizen. He also called on the government to reform the police to make it more responsible, adding that corrupt officials are denting the image of the force.

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