Jeanie Buss👀 Has Theory on 👑LeBron Mural Vandalizations

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Jeanie Buss is reacting to the defacing of multiple LeBron James murals in the Los Angeles area.

On Sunday, the Lakers president issued a sharp rebuke after a second mural of James was vandalized earlier this week. She said that those committing the acts were not Laker fans and hinted that they were fans of the archrival Boston Celtics instead, per Mark Willard of FOX Sports.

@JeanieBuss on those defacing LeBron murals in LA:
"If you're doing that, than you're not a Laker fan. I didn't realize how many people from Boston are living in LA!"

This weekend’s incident saw a mural of James (this one featuring him looking up at some of the greatest Lakers ever) defaced with a streak of white paint.

To their credit though, a number of Laker fans showed up to personally aid the artist in restoring the mural following its vandalization.

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