Kim Kardashian👙 Photoshops Kimoji Perfume Bottles Into Her Older Pictures

  |   Hollywood / Hollywoodlive

Kim Kardashian is being accused of photoshopping again, but this time it all has to do with her kimoji perfumes. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot that some pictures she’s shared with her Instagram followers, which showcase her kimoji perfume bottles, are actually older, recycled pictures. That’s right, the bottles have literally just been photoshopped in. One of the pics Kim used is from Jun. 27 and the other is from Jun. 11. Although, with Kim reportedly making a $1 million a minute with this fragrance line, we bet she’s not too concerned.

Lately, Kim’s Instagram has been on fire. On July 20, the mom-of-three shared a pic of herself in an itsy-bitsy string, loincloth bikini. On top of that, she captioned the photo, “I’m really shy…” Before that, Kim plugged her kimoji bottle in the sexiest way possible. Not only did she post a pic of peach-scented bottle, she also showed off her bare butt in a sexy bikini.

It was just last week that Wendy Williams threw shade at Kim, by praising Beyonce. “I believe Beyonce is pregnant. Congratulations,” Wendy told her studio audience. “What’re ya going to do now, Kim? Kim has 3 kids, just saying.”

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