Man is murdered by 'gau rakshaks.' Minister cries conspiracy

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Yesterday, Rakbar Khan was brutally murdered by 'gau-rakshaks' in Alwar. But Junior Finance Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal thinks it's a "conspiracy", the result of "Modi's rising popularity." Rakbar has left behind a wife and seven children. Rakbar, with Aslam, a friend, bought two cows from a villager, paying him Rs. 60,000, and started the journey back home.

Suddenly, some locals started shouting about cow smugglers. Rakbar, who was holding the cows, was trapped. The men fired guns first and then started beating him, Aslam recalled. Aslam didn't see their faces in the darkness, but said he can identify the voices as they were "abusing us very loudly." Aslam ran and remained hidden in the fields till Saturday morning. "Then I came out and took a lift to reach my village."

Family members of Rakbar, who stayed with his wife, children and parents, have denied he was a smuggler. He had borrowed Rs. 50,000 to buy new cows and already owned three, so why'd he steal cattle, they asked. "Had he indulged in illegal transport, he could have built a nice house," Asmina said. Rakbar's brother demanded a job and financial assistance for the family as compensation.

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