❌Not All Kalenjins Are 👹Corrupt🔊: Keter👔

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Corrupt Kalenjin politicians are hiding behind the community to shield themselves from an investigation, outspoken Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter has said. Keter asked Kenyans to reject Rift Valley politicians who have stolen from public coffers. The MP said he will mount a campaign in the lead up to the 2022 General Election to urge voters to reject corrupt presidential contenders.

“Some of these people have stolen everything from Kenyans, yet they want to be elected President in 2022. Kenyans should elect such people at their own risk,” Keter said at the weekend. He spoke after the Court of Appeal reinstated him as MP. The High Court in Eldoret nullified Keter’s election in February. Keter sensationally claimed a politician called him and cautioned him against complicating the 2022 Kenyatta succession.

“He recently called me saying I am scuttling his 2022 bid. I told him my prayer because I also want to become president some day. I told him that Kenyans will hate our Kalenjin community if he wins because they will think that we are all thieves like him," he said. He did not name the politicians. In a hard-hitting speech at a funeral in Siaya on Saturday, Keter said some politicians steal from Kenyans as individuals, then conveniently rally their Kalenjin constituency for support.

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