🇷🇺Putin's Robo-Nauts to Be in 🛰ISS by 2019📹:http://v.duta.us/Yy-egAAA

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Russia is planning to blast two robot astronauts into space to work on the international space station. Scientists have developed the advanced machines, named FEDOR, to conduct rescues - even though they have recently been recently trained to use firearms. According to RIA Novosti, the robots could be blasted into space as soon as August 2019.

Unlike previous robots, DefenseOne.com reports that these will be sent into orbit as crew members on board the Soyuz rocket and not placed into the hold. However, no humans will be on board during the launch. A YouTube video shows FEDOR - which stands for Final Experimental Demonstration Research - performing tasks such as lifting weights and doing push-ups.

Russian experts hope it will one day be able to help build a lunar base. A key task for Fedor will be to 'assist in construction and use of bases' on the moon and potentially other planets, said its Russian designers FPI.


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