Hina Khan Slams a Legal Notice to the Jewellery Brand💍 after Getting Accused of Fraud

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A jewellery brand accused the actress for cheating them with Rs 12 lakh worth jewellery. According to them, she used it in an event and didn’t return it back. The actress earlier denied it on Twitter and finally gave a statement where she was determined to take a strict action against them for using her name as a publicity stunt. Finally, Hina has done it.

She slammed a legal notice to the concerned party and shared it on social media. She wrote, “Since it started in public forum, I am forced to share my response too but d right way. my advocate @sarthak7468 from Supreme Court of India . Sent a legal notice with proper stamp n signature to them.so this is how a legal notice looks like, not like an unsigned unstamped fake notice created just for cheap publicity..We really work hard to reach where we r n just because ‘a celeb’ is n easy target u will not get to use it to ur benefit… The law works wonders for an innocent who is wrongly accused and it gets better if you have proper proofs. Attaching the courier receipt for my notice.Surprisingly it never appeared for the imaginary notice sent to me. No hawa hawaai only seedhi baat #SatyamevJayate #NotAnEasyTarget” [sic]

Check out the legal notice here 📷: http://v.duta.us/xwk5eQAA

To read full article - http://v.duta.us/bBzeeAAA

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