FIA🏎 to Investigate Perez's Lost Wheel⚠ Incident📹

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Force India is to be investigated by the FIA stewards for potentially releasing a car in an unsafe condition after Sergio Perez lost his left rear wheel in FP2 at Paul Ricard.

Although no official summons has been issued as yet, the FIA is expected to call team representatives to a meeting on Saturday morning.

The team could face a penalty unless the FIA accepts that the wheel was fully tightened by the team before the car left the pits, and that a technical issue had caused it to work loose later on.

Perez was on his second lap after taking new tyres when he spun to a halt after the wheel came off in a high speed left-hander, with no apparent warning.

The wheelnut, with its retention device, was still attached to the wheel.

The FIA believes that some form of debris may have caused the wheel to not be properly located on the hub.

A report from technical delegate Jo Bauer noted: "Witness marks on the inner side of the wheel let assume [sic] that there has been some sort of debris between the wheel nut and the axle shaft when the wheel was fitted to the car.

"This probably gave a wrong indication to the wheel operator that the wheel nut was properly torqued and tight.

"But only the first stage of the retention device was engaged at this point and further the red line on the axle shaft, which is only visible when the wheel is properly fastened could not be seen by the wheel operator."

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