No democracy can survive without an independent judiciary: Justice Chelameswar

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Justice Jasti Chelameswar retired at midnight on Friday after an eventful stint of nearly seven years in the Supreme Court, which started the same day as that of Chief Justice of India (CJI) Deepak Misra. Justice Chelameswar will be remembered for his judgments, as he will be for his outspoken views and often unprecedented actions to assert the independence of the judiciary. He spoke to The Indian Express on his career, ideas and future plans. Excerpts:

Now that you are retired, how do you now look back at the unprecedented press conference held on January 12 by you and three other members of the Supreme Court Collegium?

I do not find anything wrong with the press conference. I never thought so. Otherwise, I would not have participated in the press conference. Please remember it is not I alone. There were three other senior-most judges of the Supreme Court who participated in the press conference.

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