Reggie Millers🧠 Thinks 🌟LeBron Will Sign✍ with Clippers Over Lakers

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Speculating about LeBron James' free agent future on ESPN's "The Jump," Brian Windhorst suggested that the superstar forward would either head to Los Angeles or remain in Cleveland. Windhorst made this speculation because according to him, James is only going to go wherever is best for his family.

“I don’t think Houston is in the running for that same reason," Windhorst said. "I don’t think his family feels comfortable going to Houston. I think it’s really where his family is going to be qualifies the teams, you have to get his wife Savannah and his sons to say yes. I think L.A. and Cleveland pass that, and I think that’s why they’re in the drivers seat right now, those two teams.”

Building off Windhorst's speculation about James' future, Hall of Famer and current TNT analyst Reggie Miller speculated even more during an appearance on "The Dan Patrick Show." And just like Windhorst, Miller can see James heading to Los Angeles but according to him, the perennial All-Star may end up playing for the Clippers over the Lakers.

Reggie Miller: “I could see him moreso playing for the Clippers than I would the Lakers.

I don’t think he wants to follow in Kobe Bryant’s shadow. I think if he goes to the Clippers, right now he could be arguably the greatest Clipper ever in three to four years. If he plays three or four years for the Clippers, he would be the greatest….”

Dan Patrick: “You just think that he doesn’t want to follow in Kobe’s footsteps, and that’d be the biggest reason?”

Reggie Miller: “That’s a big shadow. Because if he doesn’t win, everyone’s going to be like ‘well, he’s not Kobe!’ And now the pecking order goes… regular fans are going to be like ‘Michael, then Kobe, and then probably LeBron,’ because he couldn’t deliver a championship to the Lakers.”

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