Salman 💪 to Finally Move out of His Childhood Home 🏠

  |   Salman Khan

Salman Khan and his family will soon have a new address. The family has submitted a plan to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to construct a six-storey structure on Chimbai Road, Bandra West. The building will be on a sea-kissing plot on the quaint Chimbai Road, barely a stone's throw from Salman's current Galaxy Apartment residence at Bandstand.

Probably the country's biggest film star, Salman is said to occupy just one room in Galaxy Apartments. The Chimbai plot, which writer Salim Khan and his wife Salma bought in 2011 for ₹14.4 crore, stands on 4,000 square feet and has two dilapidated cottages, Belle Mar and Belle Vue.

According to the plans submitted to the BMC, the family intends to build a ground-plus-five-storey structure. The building will also have two basements with parking slots for 16 cars. As per the plan, the terrace has been kept open to the sky with a dome in the centre.

The plot has now been barricaded to make way for construction. The old cottages are in a decrepit state and will be brought down once the Khans get permission to build their dream home. For now, it is used to park Salman's high-end bicycles, which he rides on Bandra's streets.

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