Spider-Man😎 Actor Reveals🗣 Mystery Villain

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A mystery villain from the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 may have just been revealed. It may even be the villain teased at the end of the Spider-Man trailer shown during Sony’s E3 2018 press conference.

Chris Jai Alex, an actor who is reportedly doing work as Rhino in the new game, accidentally let slip the name of the as-yet-unrevealed villain during an interview with YouTuber Drift0r. The video has since been taken down, likely at the behest of Sony, but the Internet never forgets.

Fair warning, this leaked news may or may not actually be a significant spoiler for the upcoming Spider-Man game. At the very least, Insomniac wants to keep it secret for a little while longer. There will also be some speculation that could have some potentially much bigger spoilers.

In the interview, Chris Alex is discussing motion capture sequences and goes into an example of how challenging they can be. He brings up an action sequence in Spider-Man that was unique because the characters within it scale to different sizes. Specifically, he mentions how Doctor Octopus is very tall and Rhino is very big. Unfortunately for Chris Alex, Doctor Octopus is not a villain that Insomniac has decided to reveal just yet.

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