Study: US 🇺🇸 Oil and Gas Methane Emissions 💨 Have Been Dramatically Underestimated

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The US has been dramatically underestimating methane emissions from oil and gas operations, according to a new study published in Science on Thursday.

The study, conducted by the Environmental Defense Fund and 15 partner universities, asserts that methane emissions from oil and gas production are likely 63 percent higher than what the Environmental Protection Agency has reported.

The New York Times points to a 2017 study that found that once the natural gas leakage rate hit between four and five percent of gross US natural gas production, natural gas is about equivalent to burning coal from a climate perspective.

These technologies include "optical gas imaging, deployment of passive sensors at individual facilities or mounted on ground-based work trucks, and in situ remote sensing approaches using tower networks, aircraft or satellites," the paper states.

In early 2017, the Senate voted 51-49 not to scrap an Obama-era rule allowing the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to adopt methane release standards for oil and gas producers on federal and tribal lands.

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