Tshepisong Serial Rapist 😱 Sentenced to 15 Life Terms⛓

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"A beast" and "evil" were the words that the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg used when it sentenced a 32-year-old serial rapist to 15 life terms, plus 105 years behind bars. Kito Christopher Malumbele was convicted of 52 counts, including 12 rape and 17 kidnapping charges.

According to National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson Hurbetin Phindi Louw-Mjonondwane, Malumbele started his reign of terror in Tshepisong in Soweto in April 2014.

"During 2016, the investigating officer received one of the cases. Unbeknown to him, there [were] 13 more cases. He traced the accused by using the telephone records of the victim's robbed cell phone," Mjonondwane said.

She added that the officer arrested Malumbele on June 17, 2016.

After his DNA was positively linked to the case, the forensic science laboratory issued an investigative lead report that linked him to more cases, Mjonondwane added.

"The accused ambushed his victims and held them at knife point while dragging them into open fields. There he would rob them of their belongings and rape them," she said.

In some cases, the accused and his accomplice raped daughters and mothers in front of each other, she added. In another case, a woman was raped her while her crying baby was next to her.

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