Thousands of topless woman take part in 'Sl*t Walk' march in Israel

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The women painted slogans over their bodies and chanted into loudspeakers as they marched through the city of Tel Aviv. The global Slt Walk movement first took off in Canada in 2011 after a police officer made a number of controversial remarks about rape. The cop stated women should “avoid dressing like slts in order not to be victimised”.

The protest then spread across cities, with similar marches taking place around the world, including London. Tel Aviv Slt Walk website states: “This year, again, we could not walk the streets in peace, even though the streets are ours as much as they are theirs. This year, again, our body was considered public property. This year, again, we could not refuse without being cursed, whatever we did, whatever we wore, whatever we asked or said they called us ‘slt’. We will show them that ‘Sl*t’ is a name they invented to make us weak, to blame us for the crimes that we are offended by – and we have no intention of accepting it.”

Last year, there were similar scenes in Los Angeles when thousands of women bared all to make a point. Pictures showed women with defiant slogans painted on their body as they made a stand against sexual violence towards women.

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