VW🚗 Group Boss🕴 Calls For Faster💨 Decision🤔-Making

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The new chief of the Volkswagen Group, Herbert Diess, has said that the company must change from “a slow, lumbering supertanker to a powerful group of speedboats.”

Speaking for the first time since his appointment last month, and addressing the carmaker’s shareholders at its annual general meeting, Diess outlined the importance of changing the corporate culture following the emission scandal and his plans for the future. In reference to his “supertanker” comment, he said, “Decision-making is too slow.”

He also acknowledged Volkswagen’s part in the mass decline in diesel sales. “As Europe’s biggest carmaker, we need to break new ground for diesel engines. It's due, in part, to us that diesel has wrongfully fallen into disrepute.”

Diess added that he thought bans on diesel, such as those that have been suggested in Germany, UK and Norway, were “the worst possible solutions”.

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