Foreign Investors💰 Prey on ZIM Stock Exchange❗

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Foreign investors are buying more than they are selling on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) with interest in blue-chip counters.

Statistics from the bourse show that foreign investors have been buying more than selling since December last year, boosting the confidence on the ZSE.

In December, net foreign inflows were $5 012 455. The previous month had seen foreign investors being net sellers resulting in negative net foreign inflows of $20 818 556.

January, February, March and April had positive net foreign inflows of $11 642 369, $1 191 079, $11 143 746 and $7 823 890,64 respectively.

Companies have been struggling to remit dividends to foreign shareholders due to the foreign currency shortages.

In addition, foreign investors are also struggling to repatriate funds after selling shares.

This has raised fears that foreign investors would be dissuaded from investing on the ZSE.

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