Moi’s grandchild criticises Ruto 😠 for visiting without prior notice 😱

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Daniel Moi’s granddaughter on Friday hit out at DP William Ruto for visiting the retired president’s Kabarak home without informing the family.

“You cannot just show up at someone’s house unannounced,” Laila Denise said.

Ruto flew to Moi’s home on Thursday, but failed to meet him after waiting for three hours.

It was not clear if Ruto had an appointment, but sources close to the Moi family say there was none.

Moi’s spokesman Lee Njiru confirmed Ruto visited but did not see Moi because the 94-year-old had a session with his doctors.

On her Facebook page, Laila said, “There was a protocol fail on the DP’s side, you cannot just show up without prior arrangements. Least forgetting that Moi is still a well-respected statesman.”

Quoting philosopher Machiavelli, Laila said Ruto needs to understand nothing is so self-defeating as generosity.

She said, “DP, you need to understand that “a prince should guard himself, above all things, against being despised and hated, and generosity leads you to both. It is wiser to have a reputation as a miser, which brings disdain without hatred, than seek a reputation for generosity to incur a name for rapacity, which begets both disdain and hatred’.”

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