Polio 💉 vaccine: 817,000 children to be immunised next week❗

  |   Kenya News

Nairobi parents with children aged five years and below have been urged to get them vaccinated against polio next week.

"Following isolation of circulating Vaccine-Derived Polio Virus Type 2 ...from Eastleigh, the ministry and partners will conduct three high-quality supplemental immunisation activities targetting high-risk counties," he said.

If the children were not adequately immunised, the weakened vaccine virus mutates in their intestines and is excreted as a wild or naturally occurring virus.

"Investigations are currently ongoing to determine the source and origin of this virus, where it initially emerged and where it moved to," it said in a statement "However, it is clear that two countries in the Horn of Africa are currently affected and the overriding priority is to stop this virus in the known affected areas and prevent it from spreading further."

"I appeal to leaders, communities and families to avail children aged below five years for vaccination during the drive," Patrizia Di Giovanni, deputy representative, Unicef Kenya, said.

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