SRK as Doctor Strange🔮, Priyanka as Black Widow – This Is What the Desi Avengers⚔ Would Look Like

Avengers: Infinity War is emerging as the most successful Hollywood film in India. We bet even the studios did not anticipate the kind of fantastical response the movie will get on the Indian turf. Well, they better add an Indian superhero to the Avengers initiative soon to thank the Indian fans.

There have been Indian superheroes in the Marvel comics. There was Dinesh Deol, a.k.a. Grid, who possesses the ability of electromagnetic pulse emission. Also, there is Raz Malhotra, known as Giant Man, who has been an ally of Ant-Man. Well, until MCU takes its own sweet time to include an Indian name to the roster, we are going to find other ways around the problem to fulfil our desire. We are going to put Indian actors on the characters posters of Avengers.

Well, this experiment also gives us a nice idea as to how it would have been, had the Avengers been made with Indian actors. Imagine SRK as Doctor Strange! or Priyanka as Black Widow.

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