Uma Thurman👱‍♀️ Willing To Work With📽 Tarantino Again

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Uma Thurman has said she always shared a 'good relationship' with filmmaker Quentin Tarantino and is open to working with him once again if he wrote 'a good part' for her.

In an interview, the 48-year-old actor was asked whether she is open to working with the director despite the recent revelation about the car crash that happened on the sets of 'Kill Bill'.

"If he wrote a great part! I understand him and if he wrote a great part and we were both in the right place about it, that would be something else," Thurman said.

Earlier this year, Thurman had said that she suffered severe injuries after she was pressured into driving a stunt car she did not feel comfortable operating on the sets of Tarantino's film.

The director, on his part, had admitted that he still blames himself for convincing Thurman to sit in the car and called the incident "one of the biggest regrets of my life".

Thurman and Tarantino, 55, first collaborated on the cult favorite 'Pulp Fiction' and they followed it up the 'Kill Bill' movies.

Thurman told that she always 'had a good relationship' with Tarantino even after the incident.

"We've had our fights over the years. When you know someone for as long as I've known him, 25 years of creative collaboration... Yes, did we have some tragedies take place? Sure. But you can't reduce that type of history and legacy," she added.

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