Crutchlow🗣: Marquez❌ Won't Have Won😏 "So Easy" With My🏍 Bike

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Cal Crutchlow claims that, despite him being a Honda-contracted rider, his bike was not as competitive as that of Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa in MotoGP's Jerez race.

Crutchlow started on pole but ended up crashing out at Turn 1 while running fourth, while Marquez ended romped to victory.

The factory Honda team introduced a new carbon swingarm at the beginning of the 2018 season, and both Marquez and Pedrosa used it at Jerez.

However, LCR's Crutchlow, who signed a contract with HRC last year and is riding a 2018-spec Honda this season, hasn't received the new part.

Crutchlow said that while he had the pace of Marquez and Pedrosa during Friday and Saturday, in the lower-grip conditions of the race he had to push to match the "cruising" Marquez, which led to his eventual crash.

"I don't think Marc would have won so easy if he had my bike today, but that is my opinion," said Crutchlow. "He would have had still a great shot at winning the race.

"I was pushing to make up ground, I have the data, I look at every video in Texas, every video here.

"On Friday, they are leaving black lines everywhere, Saturday morning sometimes they do black lines, depends on which bike they are on, and now they just cruising.

"Marc was absolutely cruising today and you can see I had the pace all weekend, but when the grips are lower we didn't have the pace because we don't have the same equipment.

"I am not allowed to say directly apart but my bike is very good."

When asked if the carbon swingarm makes a big difference, Marquez claimed it doesn't, but confirmed that it provides a bit more grip.

"Basically in this circuit, we don't feel a big difference but looks like we can little bit more grip with the used tyre," he said on Saturday.

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