German🇩🇪 Investors Answer ‘ZIM👌 is Open for Business’ 💸Call

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Image Credits: The Herald

German Ambassador to Zimbabwe Dr Thorsten Hutter has said German companies are keen to invest in the country and are excited about Zimbabwe’s drive to attract foreign direct investment.

He said this during an address to the University of Zimbabwe creative writing press club in the capital recently.

Dr Hutter said German companies needed to do legitimate business in the country and his Government had made it a requirement that all companies operating out of Germany should report back to Berlin.

“I know that some people are sceptical about foreign companies. Yes foreign companies are no angels, but German companies do not want to be seen on social media or in the media exploiting anyone.

“They now reinvest in the country where they operate, they do not take money out illegally. They keep it inside the country they are operating in; they want to develop their production outside Germany.

“Some German companies were reportedly engaging in some illegal activities to get contracts and tenders, but they have stopped that.

“The same way I report back to Germany, our companies are also now required to do the same,” Ambassador Hutter said.

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