🇰🇪Kenya ⚡Power Asks Customers to Buy Tokens from Their 888880 Pay 📜Bill Number

  |   Kenya News

Kenya Power has asked Kenyans to pay tokens through their own pay bill number ahead of terminating the contract with two private companies in the next three months. Kenya Power will terminate its contracts with third parties token vendors VendiT and Dynamo in the next three months after public outcry. The termination of the contracts comes at a time when Kenya Power is on the spot over exorbitant charges to Kenyans.

The company’s management, the Ministry of Energy and Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), on Friday appeared before a parliamentary committee and admitted that power customers have been overcharged for the last four months. “Dear Customer, we thank you for your continued business support. Please buy tokens through pay bill No. 888880,”read an SMS from Kenya Power.

Kenya Power said there have been several reasons that led to consumers being overcharged and apportioned part of the blame on third parties VendiT and Dynamo. The two vendors currently handle 35 per cent of the token purchases on behalf of the company and charge a fee for it, thus making power more expensive to the consumers.

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