MDC Alliance🤝 Celebrates Mission👀 of Shame 2⃣

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Former Education Minister Senator David Coltart has exposed once again MDC Alliance’s trip of shame to the United Kingdom, which seeks to tarnish the country’s image and demonise the Zanu-PF Government by undoing the work of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Lieutenant-General Dr Sibusiso Moyo (Retired) on his recent global re-engagement trip which took him to the US, the UK and Europe to explain developments in the country since November 2017.

Sen Coltart implied in his Facebook post that only the MDC Alliance had the monopoly to solve Zimbabwe’s problems, accusing the new administration of President Mnangagwa of breaching the country’s Constitution.

He also attacked the Judiciary as a biased political institution.

“The main purpose of the week (in Britain) will be to promote British investment in Zimbabwe in a new era under an MDC Alliance government. We will explain that the fundamental difference between the MDC Alliance and ZANU-PF is that we, unlike ZANU PF, will implement Zimbabwe’s new Constitution in full - in letter and spirit - and that we will respect the rule of law,” said Sen Coltart in his post.

“For all Zanu-PF’s rhetoric about Zimbabwe being ‘open for business’ the one thing they have never learnt in 38 years of misrule is that the single most important factor in any investor’s decision to invest in a foreign country is security of the investment.”

Sen Coltart’s post attracted a backlash from his followers who accused him and the MDC Alliance of being selfish and not seeking solutions for the country.

Tendai Tee Rashayi said; “That is a very good thing to travel for business but the problem is you only want what is good for MDC not for the people. Please do everything for the people not for the MDC #Edhasmyvote#cos he is doing everything for everyone.”

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