MI's 💪Pandya Stopped✋ Batting Practice To Get Back To Form😏

After his stellar effort with the bat to win the game for Mumbai on Sunday, Hardik Pandya was asked if he was doing anything differently now as he was initially struggling with the bat in the tournament.

"I am not doing anything (different). It is just that someday it comes off. I have stopped practicing (batting). I am someone who thinks differently. I am actually just being positive. It's all about one hit, to be honest. You score one six and all of a sudden the momentum shifts and everything changes," Pandya said. "Obviously if people bowl well I have (to) respect (them) and can't do anything. No one can do anything. My game is something that I am positive (about) from my mind and it comes off. "

When asked about his bowling and the purple cap on his head, Pandya said, "It is a good thing. It was not my effort. Koshish nahi thi (had not strived for it). But the cap is there if you take wickets and I am happy. "

After MI's back-to-back wins, Pandya suggests that the late surge is on for the defending champs to make it to the playoffs.

"The team is quite positive and we have to think that we are going to make it. As a team we believe that we can do this and we have done it in the past though it is a bit difficult to do it."

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