There's No Such Thing as Being Right or Left-Brained

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According to popular culture and quizzes on Facebook, logical, analytical people have a "left brain" while creative and artistic types think with their their "right brain." But this isn't true. No scientific studies have really ever been able to prove people are dominated by either side of the brain.

In fact, in a study in 2013, researchers from the University of Utah examined the brains of more than 1,000 people, and found there was no significant difference among people in terms of their brain dominance. Essentially, by looking at MRI scans of brain activity, both sides of the brain were more or less equal in their neural networks and connectivity.

The "right or left brain" myth could have arisen from the work of Roger Sperry, who won a Nobel Prize for his research on patients with epilepsy. They were treated by having their corpus callosum cut – an area that connects the two brain hemispheres.

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