Aap Ki Adalat🎙 – Alia Bhatt’s BIG Revealations About Dating Ranbir Kapoor💙, Accepting Nepotism and Karan Johar🎬

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Veteran actor Rajat Sharma interviewed the Raazi actor for his show Aap Ki Aadalat and here is what Alia Bhatt revealed

1⃣ On dating Ranbir Kapoor
The most important question which currently looms in Alia’s personal life is if she is dating Ranbir Kapoor or no. Alia first of all turned into scarlet with mention of the Kapoor scion and then said that even if she is with someone, she would not accept or deny about it. And if she was not dating the said person, she would vehemently deny the same. No denial occurred with mention of Ranbir. When Rajat asked her about she dating the Bramhastra actor, she quipped that she would not like to comment, all while blushing and giving everything away.

1⃣ On not handling failures well
Alia spoke about how she landed her first film only because she was a known director Mahesh Bhatt‘s daughter but reiterated that after her first film, she was the one who carried herself forward and proved her mettle.

3⃣ On Karan Johar, her secret keeper
Alia said that she doesn’t have anything to hide in her life. She is like an open book but she doesn’t prefer talking about her personal life. However, she shares everything with director Karan Johar.

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