LeBron James🌟 Has a Photographic Memory🧠 of Each Play- 📹http://v.duta.us/6BRe-AAA

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LeBron James is one of the best students of the game of basketball that we’ve ever seen. Opposing coaches like Doc Rivers and Dwane Casey have even said as much, and it should be obvious how dedicated he is to his craft by his performance on the floor.

However, sometimes James will just straight up tell you how devoted he is. On Sunday after the Cleveland Cavaliers lost Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals to the Boston Celtics, LeBron answered a reporter’s question about the fourth quarter that revealed his photographic memory.

The result is pretty insane, with James rattling off specific movements within each play during multiple possessions to open the fourth quarter.

Watch the video:📹 http://v.duta.us/6BRe-AAA

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