Tesla✨ Model 3 AWD Bookings👍 To Open Soon In🇺🇸 USA

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Tesla CEO, Elon Musk has confirmed that the bookings for the new Model 3 sedan with dual-motors (AWD) will be opening at the end of this week. The productions schedule for the Model 3 with dual-motor will begin in July 2018. The Model 3 is an entry-level sedan in Tesla's portfolio. Tesla has been struggling to ramp up the production of Model 3 for some time now. Elon Musk had earlier announced more variants of the Model 3 and now has confirmed on opening the bookings for the Model 3 with dual motor. There will be a performance version of the Model 3 on offer as well.

Customers can go to Tesla website and book the Model 3 AWD or Model 3 Performance along with the optional equipment as desired. There is no word on specifications yet but Tesla probably might introduce air suspension on its cars from 2019 onwards. This too was said by Musk in a reply to a tweet from a Twitter user. The air suspension will be an optional fitment on Tesla cars. Tesla offers all-wheel drive as a $ 5,000 option on the model S and as standard fitment on the Model X, which is an SUV.

Tesla had to temporarily halt the manufacturing of the Model 3 as the company is yet to streamline its automated manufacturing process at its facility in Fremont, California. During the shutdown of the manufacturing process, the company tried to update the process and address other bottlenecks in the manufacturing process of the Model 3. As of April, 2018, Tesla was manufacturing 2,000 units of the Model 3. Tesla is looking to ramp up the numbers to 5,000 Model 3 units by July 2018.

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