Utah 🎶Jazz: Derrick Favors🗣 States, “I Want to 👍Be Here”

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Despite several question marks facing both him and his spot on the team this summer, Derrick Favors has made his desire to stay with the Utah Jazz clear.

Although the Utah Jazz aren’t facing nearly as worrisome of an offseason this summer as they did last summer when both of their two leading scorers, Gordon Hayward and George Hill, were unrestricted free agents, they still find themselves with a few tough decisions. Principal among them is the future of Derrick Favors, Utah’s lone free agent starter.

As the current longest-tenured Jazzman, Favors has become a key component of this team and widely loved by the Utah faithful. He is occasionally overlooked, but remains a steady contributor who has taken on whatever role Quin Snyder and Co. have asked of him.

However, his unrestricted free agency looms large over this summer as he and his Jazz team face a number of questions. Should Derrick remain with the Jazz or pursue a larger role and/or more money elsewhere? If he wants a higher paycheck, will any team be willing to offer him that in a tight market? Do the Jazz want to keep Favors or should they look to replace him with a playmaking stretch-four rather than tie up more money in him?

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